Frequently Asked Questions

Kids Programs:

1. My child needs help controlling his/her physical actions and aggression. Will learning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu make it worse?
Actually, no. I know it seems counterintuitive, but the reality is that because our Jiu-Jitsu students like the physical portion of our classes SO much, they're willing to listen and apply the Character Development portions (Responsibility, Health, Respect, Citizenship, Manners, and Caring). Instructors reinforce the 'Rules of Engagement' with all students and these rules clearly convey boundaries of how students should be utilizing their Jiu-Jitsu training. Our students don't WANT to use their Jiu-Jitsu moves outside of the class, because they don't want to disappoint their instructors or loose their training privileges. You really have to see it to believe it.

2. My child is PAINFULLY shy, I feel like there's no way he/she will start something new like this.
We see that day in and day out, and honestly, it can certainly be a challenge for all parties involved. Based on our years of experience, our instructors feel personally invested in helping your child feel comfortable enough to learn how to overcome their initial training fears. In other activities, shyness and hesitation is a real crutch; the coach or teacher can become frustrated over time, the shy child holds the class back, so they are often approached from a place of frustration or annoyance, rather than kindness and understanding, further reinforcing their shyness and discomfort... and the cycle continues. With our focus being on the individual, introducing a shy child to our program is based on a cooperative approach between parents and instructors. We want to know what has worked well for your child in the past and more importantly - what has not. The class dynamic is quite unique and allows for instructors to check in with more reserved students over the course of the class and in doing so, instructors quickly determine what positives we can draw on and reinforce. When your child starts to trust that we're going to help them regardless of whether she's shy or brave, they open up and it'll start a chain reaction of confidence building that'll drop your jaw. We know because....we do it everyday!

3. How often do we need to come to class and when are your classes?
Our programs fit into almost any schedule (remember, ALL of the families that already take classes with us are super busy too). We have students who are successful in our program at only one day a week and we have students who love classes so much that they beg their parents to bring them every time we are open. Please enter your contact email so we can send you more information on our our class schedule and free trial offer. If you have questions about the schedule (it may not be obvious which class is appropriate for your child), there's a contact for you on that page to ask questions.

4. You talk about Character Development and life skills, how do you teach that in class?
Just like our physical curriculum works to improve your child's fitness, flexibility and strength, our Character Development curriculum improves your child's life skills. Our curriculum rotates through really important subjects like Respect, Discipline, Focus, Patience, Acceptance, Kindness, Compassion and more. The feedback that we have received from many parents is that notice a very high level of engagement, with the content, for their children at home and outside of our school. It's really cool, and all of our instructors feel lucky to be able to pass these skills on to a younger generation.

5. Can we try it before we sign up?
We always recommend that families start with our comprehensive trial program. It's really important not only for you to be able to make sure our program will be beneficial, but for us to be sure we can appropriately meet your training goals, as parents. We will be teaching life lessons, challenging limiting beliefs, and setting short & long terms goals, so it's important that our values are congruent before we begin that life changing journey. However, because this introductory time is so important, we limit the number of new students during each trial period. So if you want a chance to try out our program, please be sure to sign up for a trial as soon as you feel you child is ready to come meet us. If we are not able to accommodate new trial students immediately, we do offer a waiting list that we try to keep moving along.

6. Will my child get hurt is it unsafe?
Safety is always our number one priority. Although you risk injury anytime you choose to get out of bed, in our experience, we see far fewer injuries in our classes than in other kids activities (hockey, gymnastics, football, the playground etc). Our training area is uniquely set-up with very high density training mats and six foot high wall high density foam wall mats all in an effort to ensure students comfort and safety. Interestingly enough we occasionally get calls from parents to advise that their child can not come to class because they hurt themselves in a different activity.

Adult Programs:

1. Can I try a class before I sign up?
Yes! Our no obligation trial really is "No Obligation". We want you to be sure that what we offer and what you need are congruent. We understand that while we may not be the best training option for everyone, when we meet potential students that fit the positive vibe of our school - it is an amazing fit! Following your trial period, we will discuss how you feel about moving forward with your Jiu-Jitsu training and ensure that we are able to meet your future training goals.

2. Do I need to be in shape to enroll for adult classes?
No! Although we definitely suggest maintaining an active lifestyle, if you haven't exercised in years, our classes are still accessible. Often students feel like they need to "get into shape first, then will start Jiu-Jitsu". This is a barrier that they are creating for themselves. All we ask is that you come out and try out our class, via our free trial period, and you will quickly understand that you will "get into shape" on the mats, class by class. As you attend, class by class, your confidence with the content and training will grow, as will your cardio and the intensity of your training. Before you know it, you'll be looking and, more importantly, feeling fantastic.

3. How often should I attend class?
As much as you would like! We see the most success with at least 2 classes per week. Because we have membership options with unlimited class attendance, many members are here 3-5 or even 6 days a week. That is not necessary for all students but the more you attend, the better your results!

4. Do I have to sign up for a certain period of time?
That entirely depends on your level of commitment, and how much you're enjoying classes. If you're not sure yet that our classes are right for you, you are not required to stay for a period of time, but if you are loving it and have a goal of achieving a Blue Belt or beyond, we have programs that will get you there... and beyond!